Upcoming lego sets 2020

We already know about the Spider-Man vs. There will be one set called Wrath of Loki which also consists of the Avengers Tower. A new Helicarrier is also reported to be coming.

It is a smaller version than the UCS style one we got a few years ago. There will also be a brick-built M. Some other sets that will be coming include a Hulkbusteranother Avengers Toweras well as sets based on The Eternals movie.

It looks like that set will be a Venomized set in which the symbiotes bonds with other super heroes and villains. The Brick Fan.

upcoming lego sets 2020

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I Agree Read more.This year's release of the Technic Porsche RSR was quite a surprise after the Ultimate series set just a few years ago in still virtually being on shelves. What surprises do we have in store in ? Following on from yesterday's post about the LEGO Technic Defender set that we're expecting to see before the end of the year, our sleuthing around the web turned up some tips about upcoming LEGO Technic sets across the 1st and 2nd half of Being a Speed Champions focused website, we're taking more interest in the supposed vehicles out of the sets.

In the first half of we're expecting a flagship set being a remote control car bigger in size than the Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer with a licence i. This set is estimated at pieces. The full list of Technic and the currently known set themes are below, we're assuming the sets without known piece counts right now are likely to be 2nd half sets.

Every year has seen at least one licensed Technic set. The Claas Xerion mini meets this trend pieces is small for Technic though and follows a trend of releasing previous Technic Sets in the Claas line with the piece Claas Xerion Trac VC set released in Technic sets with sub pieces can be very limited in detail, the Mini Tow Truck set was meant to be representative of a Unimog, but doesn't really capture any defining details.

The current City Forest Tractor set gives us a good idea what to expect with a few variations.

upcoming lego sets 2020

Could we see more vehicle sets compatible with the transporter? The piece Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 released this year was compatible so based on the known piece counts, we'll be waiting until the second half oto find out.

We've seen Mercedes branded technic sets in with the Mercedes-Benz Arocs with pieces and with the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U set. The Mobile Crane set being rumoured is interesting based on the previous sets like the Mobile Crane at pieces and the piece Mobile Crane released in Based on this alternate year spacing, we'd potentially expect to see another Volvo branded construction set.

We're hoping to see McLaren. Some online speculation circles around that Ultimate 2HY Flagship being another vehicle from the Volkswagen Audi Group stable - we've seen Porsche and Bugatti so far, so the obvious candidates are covered unless we see an Ultimate series Taycan Lamborghini have an Aventador successor due in which could yield a high profile choice for these significant sets.

We're expecting to see further details as they leak from retailers or become available via LEGO and maybe even some set images in November. All rights reserved. Speed Champions Home News Reviews.The new modular Bookstore is available today as is a new white baseplate.

Nearly every LEGO theme has some new sets—it can be a lot to process! Some regions have seen these sets on shelves already, but now they are all available online. There are a few sets that really stand out to us, and you can see the complete list of all sets and items after the jump. This is a full list of LEGO themes with new products released today alphabetized for your ease of use that you can click on to go directly to that section of this article unless you just love scrolling, then scroll on!

Check Out These Upcoming LEGO City 2020 Sets

Creator Expert: The modular has arrived in the form of the Bookshop with a teal townhouse next door. Check out our review for a detailed look at the shop, apartments and more. Technic: The new year is bringing new cars and machines even an app-controlled one!

Trolls World Tour: One of the new themes of the year is Trolls which looks to be the spiritual successor to the Elves line. Speed Champions: Get your modern and classic model cars from these newest sets in the Speed Champions line, now eight studs wide! City: This perennial LEGO staple is back to Police as a sub-theme, with a few stand-outs like an ice cream truck, service station and safari off-roader. Marvel Super Heroes: This wave brings a few more sets based on the Avengers and Spiderman, with a few awesome mechs to battle.

So does that count as one set or 16? These early ones will likely sell out quick like last year, so act fast to pick up your favorites. Creator 3 in 1: From a monster burger truck to just a monster truck without the patty, the Creator 3 in 1 theme has several new sets that can each be built three different ways—and even more if you use your imagination!

Hidden Side: The ghosts are back for their second wave of sets and are haunting a lighthouse, subway and more! We made the editorial decision to show the sets rather than the boxes like the rest of this guide because the Hidden Side boxes are nearly impossible to tell what is inside them since they are over-stylized to the point of confusion.

The few extra sets that were not crowdfunded are available online, but only in the United Kingdom with no plans for expansion elsewhere. This will certainly not last long, so read our review and get one while you can! Minecraft: Steve is off on another blocky adventure with pigs and pandas, but this time the creeper is bigger than ever! Keep an eye out for the new cake frosting elements and play cubes with mystery animals. Disney: The Disney princesses are back with new castles, friends and a ton of new elements that would make any builder excited.

Check out the new cute micro-dolls in the pseudo-pop-up storybooks.

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Classic: A trophy, birthday set, white baseplate and shadow puppets are standouts in the Classic theme as well as the standard basic parts packs that include everything you need to build whatever your imagination can come up with at a decent price per piece ratio. Key Chains: The LEGO Shop has launched a new assortment of key chains featuring a create-your-own charm kit as well as two familiar faces from Ninjago, though it appears the prices have all increased by a dollar just like the Collectible Minifigures did.

You made it to the end of the list of all new sets and items! Which LEGO sets do you want to buy? Leave a comment to tell us which you are most excited about. Thanks for the support!

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Like this article? Tell all your friends! Post was not sent - check your email addresses!We've put all known sets in a nice overview for you.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rumored 2020 Sets

We regulary update this list. If you are missing a set, please let us know in the comments or submit it.

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Architecture has been around sinceand currently has over 50 sets. For2 new sets have been announced in the Skyline sub-theme. In this sub-theme, the set does not concentrate on 1 single building, but looks at multiple landmarks within a city or area. This is also a popular theme with MOCsbeing it real-life landmarks, or fictional, like landmarks from movies.

JardedHinton wrote a review this year for San Fransisco. There were a lot of rumors that the Brickheadz theme would be canceled.

Biggest LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing in a LONG Time!

The announcement of new sets has shown these rumors to be false. Inwe published 3 reviews of Brickheadz sets. Here are all Brickheadz sets. European catalogs featured a second City theme between andwhich was referred to as City Center in American catalogs. Some City sets have been released thus-far. This year, we have had 1 review of a City set. Here are all City sets. These b-models are known in this theme. There are 5 Classic set announced so far, with one special!

For the first time sincethere is a Baseplate 32 x 32 in White. Perfect for winter villages.Images are still missing of course since its understandable that they may still be under an embargo.

What I also find interesting is the fact that both the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Busts seem to have almost twice the number of pieces as compared to its predecessors, giving the impression that they are considerably larger.

Which of them are you looking forward to? Comment down below to share your thoughts. Hope the First Order battle pack comes with Sith Troopers. It will be awesome to have those Sith Troopers in minifig forms. Skip to content. Bantha — pieces First Order Trooper Battle Pack — pieces The Mandalorian Battle Pack — pieces Snowspeeder — 91 pieces Duel on Mustafar — pieces TIE Dagger — pieces Resistance X-wing — pieces Stormtrooper Bust — pieces Boba Fett Bust — pieces What I also find interesting is the fact that both the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Busts seem to have almost twice the number of pieces as compared to its predecessors, giving the impression that they are considerably larger.

upcoming lego sets 2020

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.TBA Creator Expert? Set 1 : - Donald Duck - Includes 90 pcs. Minor Comparisons! Set 2 : - 98 Pluto And 99 Goofy - Includes pcs. Hogwarts Students? TBA Minions? Set 15 : -? T BA Wave : 0 Sets. Air Show?

Airport And Small Plane?

Upcoming LEGO Star Wars 2020 Sets Confirmed By Online Retailer

Passenger Plane And Airport? Marine Research Base? Research Ship? MDP 3? MDP 4? Review: Link Coming Soon. Pirate Ship? Set 1 : - Wonder Woman VS. Penguin's Pursuit? Joker's Tricycle Chase? The Mobile Bat Base? Minifigs: Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Mr. Freeze, Bronze Tiger, Man Bat. Microdolls: Mulan 2 DifferentLi Shang. Microdolls: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff. Microdolls: Ariel 2 DifferentPrince Eric.

Microdolls: Belle, Beast. Bell's Winter Celebration Castle?Series 20 will once again see 16 new characters being introducedincluding a special 10th Anniversary Green Brick Suit Guy with a commemorative plaque. The lineup looks great, and fans of the Animal Costume Minifigures Series will be delighted by the new Llama or is it an Alpaca?

Costume Girl. To see more photos of the series, be sure to visit Zusammengebaut where they have more up-close shots and even a video of the entire Series 20 lineup. Are you excited by the new Series 20 lineup?

Let me know in the comments what your favourite characters are! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The pea pod girl!

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And Llama girl!! This looks like a great lineup! I think they night come out in April or May. Jay is passionate about LEGO and the endless creative adventures made possible by this complex interlocking brick system.

Ciao bella! Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The trolls sets have already been released. Jay Jay is passionate about LEGO and the endless creative adventures made possible by this complex interlocking brick system. Popular Posts.

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